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Jordan & Lena Miller
While Jordan served a 2 year mission in Salta, Argentina, Lena completed her BS in Nursing.  Upon his return, he convinced her to marry him in the Columbia River Temple on December 22, 2006 - coincidently on his grandparents Gee & Papaws anniversary.  Jordan & Lena currently live in Cheney, WA where Jordan plans to complete his MBA at Eastern Washington University. 
Jenna Renee was born March 24, 2008.
After completing his Bachelors Degree at Central Washington University, Jordan decided to study for a Masters of Business Administration at Eastern Washington University. 
He had a 2 week break during which he worked on replacing our deck in exchange for Tuition funds and also traveled to Philadelphia to visit Clarissa & Chris so that Chris could work on his teeth.  It cost less to fly to Philly than to pay for a Dentist in Cheney along with the bonus of getting to see the James Family.
We took a couple of last family family pictures before baby Vaughan made his grand entrance.
The new Miller Family with Vaughan Eugene